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Serpents Coach's Jacket

$60.00 / On Sale

"Those that call you family, will shed their skin like serpents"

Project Animalia: A weaving of ideas on the similarities between man and beast.

100% Teslan Polyester

Wash cold / Hang dry

Please Allow 3-4 days for order to be processed and shipped. Tracking is always included.

Sizing: Oversized

Body Length
Small: 70 cm
Medium: 73 cm
Large: 75 cm
XL: 78 cm

Chest Width
Small: 56 cm
Medium: 58 cm
Large: 62 cm
XL: 65 cm

Sleeve Length (measured from middle back seam to end of sleeve)
Small: 83 cm
Medium: 86 cm
Large: 89 cm
XL: 91 cm